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The wind

I have only read a handful of poems of the wind. And they are simply gorgeous and soothing. I wanted to try my hand at writing one.     The wind We hear the wind each night and day; But see it not, nor whence it came It leaves so softly, suddenly. Try you might, but can not contain. We enjoy it in the summer; Shake and shiver in December. It may come as a gentle breeze Or in some sharp and stormy ways. The wind's a mystery, we know: Of whence it came or where it goes.                                                             By Evelyn Creon 

Big Foot

Big Foot Big foot big foot Creeps through the woods Hiding in the scariest places. Nobody knows he's real Except for the foot prints he leaves.   Big foot big foot Creeps through the woods Trying it's hardest not to be seen People claim they have seen him But is it true? We have no proof.       Big foot big foot Is he really there or Is it an allusion That someone keeps playing on us. Big foot big foot Is there such animal? We have so little proof That he is there.  But it might just be he's alive how are we to know? There are so many questions with No answers. Will we ever find the answers To them all or just a few?                                             By Evelyn Creon 


As I sit here in this chair, waiting for a thought to cross my mind. I feel like I could fly across my own little made up world. When a thought comes I write it down so not to lose it with others lost before.