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Missing You

I don't know yet if I particularly like how this poem turned out. I kept debating with myself if I should even post, finally decide I've posted things I didn't really like before. Maybe I'll end up liking this poem later.  Distance away from you  Is pulling at my heartstrings. Trying to start anew, Despite, you I still keep yearning.  Your filling all of my dreams, Reminding me of what we had.  We once stood on moon-beams  Together, I was your comrade.  I long for your embrace The comfort and safety it brought.  Between us is much space   United only in thoughts.  Your hair so rich and brown  Engraved with a unique scent; That turned me upside down  Since the day we first met. Your eyes so lively and deep;  They could see far into my soul. Everything you'd upsweep  Before I'd find a cubbyhole.  Your lips a rosy red; Told me many a day I was loved.  Yet we are tarred and shred, Caught in a fight whe

Swiss countryside

This poem was inspired by the countryside just out side of Adliswil. There are no docks that I know in Adliswil, but there are docks in Zurich; that's where the line " closely to the docks " was inspired.  Bells on the hillside; Clouds in the sky. Bongs of clocks Closely to the docks.  Crows flying through air  Worrin' 'bout themselves.  Bleats of sheep  On hills they do reap.  Splashing of a stream; It dips and dives.  Through the sky  Cold, crisp leaves do fly.  Various places  Snow it does lie. Sun streams down  On fields green and brown.  By Evelyn Creon

Her beauty

I am spending all of November in Switzerland, so all of my post from now till the end of the month will be inspiration I have from the beauty of Switzerland.   Today's post was inspired by the painted leaves that adorn many of the trees in Switzerland this time of year.  This particular writing today is about a gardener seeing a tree he planted in his younger years thirty years later.  I was taken back by the sight of her; adorned all fit and fine. Her hair was pulled back gently with a couple strands on display. Her painted face, lips, and hands were raised. As if to say, "Come to me." A gold chain was draped around her neck. A glittering ring on her finger did laugh. Jewels hung in array from her ears. A yellow lace shirt trimmed her bosom. While along brown and green skirt draped from her sides. Her feet lay bare on an orange carpet. La leather purse hung from her wrist. Her tone was like a song. Her movement was that of a queen. Maids of waiting were to

Look on the bright side

I wanted to try to something different this week. The poem that is featured was written by a fellow blogger  Frostbite . I asked her to do a guest post on my blog.  Look on the bright side  When God hands you lemons, Make lemonade. When He gives you fire, Pull out the kettle. When God shoots you black rocks, Build a fortress. When He takes a life, Trust he knows best. When God brings you storm clouds, Dance in the rain. If He lets you fall, Ask, he'll forgive. When God  blows you blue winds, Jump off and fly. When He drops you toils, He'll Cary you through. ~Frostbite