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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope your Christmas was full of awesome moments and memorable memories.                    Evelyn 

Her Passion

Passion was what pushed her Too fulfill her dreams. The love of the thing she did Made her success and fame. She really didn't want All the popularity. What she really wanted Was to brighten someone's day. By Evelyn Creon

Antique Blade Cuffs

Sliver dipped moon-beams  Carved in plated blade cuffs, Trapped in a trunk Full of antique stuff.  By Evelyn Creon

12 Days of Christmas Tag

I want to give a big thank you to my fellow blogger and friend  Anita   for tagging me in the, "12 Days of Christmas tag." I'm very excited to be able to participate in the tag.  Rules - Thank and link back to the blogger who tagged you - Thank you  Anita ! - Answer the twelve questions. - Tag one to four bloggers and give them twelve questions to answer. - Use the above photo for the beginning of your post.  12 Questions        1. What's your favorite Christmas song?    I love most Christmas music so this one is really hard.  There is an old Christmas carol called, "Coventry Carol" that I absolutely love. One of my contemporary favorites is, "Mary did you know?"         2. Favorite Christmas tradition?  Crafting gifts with my grandma, and picking out a Christmas tree.        3. Favorite Christmas movie?  "Frosty the snowman" One of the best Christmas children animations of all time.        4. What'