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It is wired how I go to write about a certain thing and then all of a sudden I am writing about something that is not even related. In the case of my newest poem "Melted" I was going to write about eyes and instead I started writing about snow and sunshine. My goal with this poem was to write something that I felt sure of. So that when my editor went to edit it she didn't have anything to really edit. I accomplished my goal and it made me feel supper good inside. Just knowing that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.  Melted O n a cold, crisp December morn, Right after the first snow storm.   The sun let down her elegant streams;  As the snow looked up to see her bright beams.  Then there fell in love with her first light;  So there she stood to make things bright.  While she stood there shinning in all of the gray; The snow ever slowly melted away. By Evelyn Creon