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Question Time #7

Summer is almost over, shocking right? This year has brought many challenges with every new month, but that's okay, because sometimes we need to spice up our boring lives. SO let's go into the month of August looking on the bright side of life, and learn from the challenges that it will throw at us.  With that being said, I asked my Instagram followers to send me questions to answer for today, so let us get into those questions.  Have you ever been afraid of death?  From a young age my parents taught me not to be afraid of death.  What is one of your favorite sayings?  Failure is not failure unless you give up.  What was your favorite book series as a kid?  I have four favorites: Boxcar Children, Little House books, Moody series, and Viking Quest series.  What was the last book you read?  Green Glass Sea  You all should look into it, I loved the story.  What would you like to improve or change about yourself?  I wouldn't change anything, but I would improve my temper and my

Kekionga Pathway Adventure

I've been visiting family in Decatur Indiana for the past week. This morning I enjoyed a peaceful walk by the river. I thought I'd share some of the photos. 

The Sledding Hill

The hill was steep, The snow was light, Mud and sticks, Oh, what a sight.  "Let's try to sled!" We all said.  The first to try  The deathly ramp  Was our cousin Matt, Who lived with us.  He flew down the hill  With nothing to lose. So, we soon followed  In pursuit.  At top speed  We sped, oh, the thrill Of racing hearts, And winter's chill. Over and over again  We flew down that  Deadly track.  Then it happened,  Our cousin went sailing  Off his sled into the air.  We screamed in pain, "Are you okay?"  As we watched him land  On a pile of logs. He rolled off the pile Into a ball.  Down we ran As fast as we could.  "I'll be fine!"  He managed to grunt.  Mom was told the story, And banded the hill for life.  Written by Evelyn Creon