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Poetry for thee

This poem was written while I was playing with rhyming. Some of the best poetry is random but it can mean more than the poetry that takes a person hours to write.  Reader reader come my way, Pass me by on summers day.  Read me through the winter nights. Mark me up, for a pen's delight. Study, learn it all from me. The poem I write is for three.  By Evelyn Creon 

My Little Brother

One of the last poems I wrote in 2017. This poem is dedicated to my third brother who is three.  Eyes like the sea. Curly blond hair.  Miniature of daddy;  Bulky and strong.  Temper like a devil.  Heart of an angel.   Kiss on both cheeks  Makes you feel loved. Carhartt Overall; Dirty three year old, muddy and happy. Some big bear hugs. A tender touch too The newest addition. Protector of sisters,  Wrestler among brothers.  Daring and adventuresome. A little boy  Who is big inside.  My little brother.  By Evelyn Creon

Troublesome Two

Dedicated to My two year old sister, and all other children of the age of two.  Though I seem innocent  I'm very much not;  I'm the troublesome two And I have a plot.  You may know it  Or you might not, It doesn't really matter to me.  The house I've trash In less than an hour. You'll tare your hair out Before the day runs out.  My smile you can almost never resist. My cuteness is what I rely on To get away with the terrible  Messes I've made.  I get into everything  High or low.  I make things up,  And talk up a storm. I'm the troublesome two A nightmarish dream. By Evelyn Creon

Jimmy's Dream of Tire Popping

This short story was inspired by an experience I had right after New Years.   Jimmy’s Dream of Tire Popping  Written by Evelyn Creon  When humans see a rock, they don’t look at it as a living being, because in our world they’re not living. But what if a rock were living and had it’s, own dreams and responsibilities? Let me introduce you to Jimmy the rock. He looks like any ordinary rock and has a story like any other rock. Jimmy’s story is unique though; it’s about how he popped my tire just because he could. It was his dream. Let me start from the beginning… It was January second, two thousand eighteen, in the middle of winter. There had been no snow on the ground for about a week due to all the rain we had had right after Christmas. This was perfect condition for a rock slide. Jimmy was with all the other rocks waiting at the edge of the hillside for the perfect chance to fall. He had been working his way to the edge of the hillside for years. When Jimmy was jus

Hey, I'm back

A note from Idazle:  Yippie, I am so excited to be back here post again.  I already have this month all planned out.  Can't wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in-store.   I really missed not posting every week.