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Together they go

This piece of writing I wrote when I was 12.

There are mountains and hills, Volcanos and ash. And they all go together Just like leaves, trees, and grass. By Evelyn Creon 

Bottomless pit

The bottomless pit, in it I lie  Waiting for it to dry.  But never once has a drop of water Even dared touch it's sides  So in it I'll now die.
By Evelyn Creon 

I Don't Remember

I Don't Remember  I don't remember when  I don't remember why  I only remember ten  I only remember a fly 
And for some reason  That was enough  To get me through  The rest of the season  By  Evelyn Creon 

Today I Cried

I never thought I would end up writing a poem like this. but I did. I was playing with the keys on a piano and I came up with this tune. I wrote the tune down and played it over and over. After a little while these words came into my head. I like how the words sounded with the tune so I put them together. 
Today I cried  Today I cried.  Today was bad. Today I cried, From a broken heart. How can it be  Love is so cruel? Now that your gone  what can I do? Today I cried because I lost you.   By Evelyn Creon


This Poem was inspired by a beautiful day the other day. Spring The blossoms are out, yes. The leaves are now appearing.  The grass is turning green. The flower buds are blooming.
The birds are all returning.  The days are getting longer.  The sun is coming out.  The rainy days are drifting into the past. Hot weather is coming on to fast. Every where you look new beauties do appear  Leaving me excited for this wonderful season this year.  By Evelyn Creon

I Ko'u Kaikuwahine Katrina

This poem was inspired by my wonderful oldest sister. The title is in Hawaiian.

I Ko'u Kaikuwahine Katrina  Long brown locks fall down your back.  Deep brown eyes near your crown. Lips that have a hint of pink.  Cheeks that blush like a beet. 
Quite and shy you can be; Never really very loud.   Most of the time you stand by  Watching everyone 'round. 
Observing the most tragic  Things that happen in life.  Never really intrigued  In the more lively parts. 
Creative and inspiring, Full of amazing ideas. Though many may not survive. The ones that do strive.
You are this, never change that.  Unique in every form. Even though it is tiring:  I love you for who you are.  By Evelyn Creon

Die Arme Meiner Mutter

This poem is dedicated to my mother. The title is in German.

Die Arme Meiner Mutter   Your voice is my comfort  For when I am feeling blue. 
Your smile is the sunshine, On my miserably gray days. 
Your eyes are precious jewels  That Sparkle when you see me.
Your ears will always listen, When everything goes wrong.
I always feel quite safe, When I am in you embrace.
Everything I love 'bout you, Will always be unique. 
Everything about you  I will treasure and adore Because I have loved you  since before I was eve' born.  By Evelyn Creon

Well Worked Hands

I wrote this poem for some one that I adore and look up too, and is also my hero.

Well Worked Hands  Your hands are stained with grease, From all the mechanical work.
Your hands are roughed and calloused,
From all the weather and the dirt.
Your hands are big and bulky.
They are strong and well worked. The hands that are a comfort
To people that you love. 
Behind those wonderful hands, Is a person people respect. By Evelyn Creon

Love Shot

My head is spinning in rounds,
At every idea of you.
I am feeling a little bound;
Like were stuck together like glue. 
Thrown together in a heap.
Lacks our notion or consent.
Stuck here having no place to leap,
To avoid all this discontent.
What am I supposed to do?
Now, to free myself from you.
I could just drive on through,
Or sit and wait while I stew. 
I could try and play it cool;
But would I lie like a fool.
No one would like that point of view.
Oh what am I supposed to do?  By Evelyn Creon