A Little Bit About Me

If you are here than you want to know more about me.

Who am I:

I'm Evelyn, a fun, energetic, Christian, homeschooled young adult. 

I am the oldest child of eleven in a family of fourteen. 

I am bubbly, and little out going.
I adore children.
LOVE bright colors, and hate black.

My favorite movie genres are thriller, mystery ,and adventure. Not a big fan of chickflicks, I'll take the bloody cop movies over them any day.

By favorite types of books are historical fiction, mystery, and of course classics. I had a thing for romance a few years ago, but not anymore.

I love to dance, sing, cook, bake, clean, read, and write. 

Why I started this blog: 

I started this blog to share my writing and ideas. I was craving peoples input on my writing and how to improve it.

What do I write:

Most of everything I write is a mix of fiction and nonfiction.
I write prompts, poems, short stories, ideas, essays, and jots of inspiration. 

Hobbies that I incorporate in my writing

I know that this sounds supper crazy,  but some of my best ideas come from when I'm cleaning. I don't know if it's the loud music I like to play, the idea of having a clean house with no one around, or being able to feel free to express myself. Maybe it's all of these things put together that gets my mind moving in lots if different ways.

Spending time in Nature:
There is something about being out an involved with nature that is so powerful and inspiring. I could be going for a walk, sitting by a creek, spending time with animals, or just being in it and involved. Nature brings out writings I never dreamed I would write.

What I enjoy doing other than writing: 

I have a whole list of things I do other than writing but I will not go crazy and list everything. I'll just list the top things.

Cleaning, Sketching, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, hard work, baking/cooking, gardening, spending time with family, dancing, singing, make music, soccer, and enjoying life with all of its difficulties.

I think that sums up everything about me. 

Feel free to comment and give me advice on how to improve.
Evelyn Creon  
Before you leave check ouMy blog's instagram profile where I update you every Wednesday afternoon with my latest post. 


  1. Hi, Evelyn! I'm just exploring blogs and thought I would stop and say hi! I like your blog! I am the second oldest of 8 so far!


    1. Thank you Beth. I'm glad you dropped by.


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