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Dazzling Lies

The bitter head of scorn Draped its self in thorns. To us its demeanor was like roses Enticing did they shine  Right before our eyes. Their ugliness was masked With a shiny, colorful, covering. To catch our gaze by dazzling lies Instead of truth, so bitter tasting.  By Evelyn Creon 

Hope the gem

Cut out of edges rough A little hope, the gem was caught.  Just enough to light a spark To ignite a flame in the dark. By Evelyn Creon   

Baby in a basket

Sorry for the super late post. The weather and internet have not been in the best of shape.   In a basket Resting on the floor Lies a little baby Peacefully asleep. Warm and cozy, In sweet dreams. While snowflakes Fall outside in heaps.   B y Evelyn Creon

Fossil Evidence Uniformitarian or Catastrophe

Here is an article I wrote for my science class in December.        Fossils are found all over the world. You can find them on the tops of the tallest mountains t o the bottom of the deepest oceans and everywhere in between. Their wide distribution t hroughout the earth’s crust is caused by the geological changes during Noah’s flood. All fossils s upposedly help support evolution. They are mostly found in the sedimentary layers of the earth’s c rust, but that does not mean that it proves that they slowly formed over hundreds of million years, n or does it prove that it took a short period for them to form. If  we observe minor catastrophes like t he eruption of Mt. St. Helens, whose sedimentary layers were formed in a matter of hours creating a  canyon, it is hard to believe that it would have to take millions of years for each layer to be laid  down. It takes specific geological conditions for fossilization to occur in a short period of time and  not millions of years. A worl