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Question Time #3

As another month comes to a close I am thankful for all the joy, pain, and sadness it has brought me.  March is going to seem so far away tomorrow with all the turmoil going around. So, let us end this month on a positive questioner post.  What's in your fridge right now?  Mayo, mustard, gouda, coconut milk, tapatio, spinach, mixed greens, onions, kumbucha, seltzer, broccoli, cilantro, spaghetti sauce, lunch meat, salsa, sour cream, cottage cheese, oat milk yogurt, molasses, maple syrup, etc....  What part of your body could use a little lotion?  My hands are a little dry.  What's the wildest thing you have done in a hotel?   It depends on what is considered wild. Sneaking all of my family, (twelve people, most of which were younger than 10) into one big room.  Would rather be able to breath or have the agility of a cat?  The agility of a cat. I'm a heavy walker, and it bugs me when I'm trying to walk quietly.  Have you ever cried

Design Cap Review

Let me start out saying," I LOVE this website!!!! "    DesignCap reached out to me asking to do a quick review on how I liked their graphic design program. So let's get started.  DesignCap   is an easy to use graphic design website. It is perfect if you are just getting started and don't know much about graphic design. I have never used such a simple graphic design website before, it just gives me goosebumps.  You can make everything from, logos, flyers, menus, cards, brochures, email headers, Instagram posts, presentations, ads, etc..... It's Amazing!  DesignCap is a FREE PROGRAM! It does give you two other plans if you are interested extra resources Basic ($4.99 per month) and Plus ($5.99 per month) It is very affordable.  I recently just created this new Logo for one of my Instagram accounts. It took me a max of 8 mins.  I definitely would recommend this incredible, easy to use, website.  PLEASE! Go check them out. I love

World of Turmoil

This world is full of turmoil Everywhere I look. I want to see a smile, Not this wild fire. It's eating at our joy, Making us depressed, I want to get away from this horrible mess. Written by Evelyn Creon 

Blushing Smile

Thump, thump, thump, I felt my heart  Every time you pass.  I yearn to say, "Hello,"  But courage I don't have.  SO every time you pass  I blush and turn away,  Afraid you might see My crimson smile painted on my face.  Written by Evelyn Creon

Morning Routine

I want to hide among my covers Letting the world pass by. I want to stay in the cozy warmth And be lazy all day. My alarm goes off Interupting my dream, singing, "rise and shine it's a beautiful day." "Ugh," I shut it off and drag my body From the warm blankets Into the nipping air. On goes a light, as I fumble Getting dressed for work. Down the stairs I stumble And into a frozen car. I wait ten minutes for it to warm, Then off I go down the road, Starting another work day. Evelyn Creon