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Faulty System

Pardon my feelings  They often cloud my judgment.  I have a weakness  For doing and saying what I feel, Instead of what I know is right.  It's a faulty system that works within me.  Written by Evelyn Creon 

Is This Our Ideal Life?

Everywhere we look We see people wearing masks.  Walking down the street  We try avoiding everyone's path.  We can't look anyone in the eye  And act like everything's alright.  We all live in fear,  Like we're about to die.  We're all freaking out  About everything we hear.  Shouting our doubts  In everyone's ears.  Trying to scare people  Into fearing what we fear. Is this sad sight  how we should live our lives?  Hiding in the shadows  Afraid to be happy or to thrive.  Is it good for our health  when we are drowning in fear: Stuck in depression, Sadness, and despair?  We can't even smile  to the people we pass.  They won't see it  through our stifling mask.  Is this our ideal life, and if it's not then what is?  Written by Evelyn Creon       What is your ideal life? I ask this question in today's poem, because the life that I am living right now is not my ideal life by any means. My ideal life is walking down the street and being able to smile