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Sweet Death

The women of the sea Are all of different colors. They are adorned with beauty Like none other. They sing and dance With their tails that sparkle in the sun. As they search for lost souls Fated to the sea. They bury each one found Beneath the ocean floor. After they adorn the bodies With the beauties of the sea. To every soul they bury They sing the same ol' song, "Sweet death, my darlin' sailor Your sail is over, done. You shall forever rest in peace Until the judgement comes. Sweet death, my darlin' sailor." By Evelyn Creon

Jaws of Life

The Jaws of life are before me, And lips of the past behind. I struggle to find  even ground With out loosing my way of life. Am I ready for the transition Of the real life intervention In my teenager imagination? By Evelyn Creon 

Black Dressed in White

Black never caught my eye,  The dark color disgusted me In all ways, shape and form.  Yet, somehow it crept Into my colorful mind.  All dressed in white  It filled me with depression. Just this one color, Black.  Could easily ruin my entire life.  It made me feel cold, evil, and rude.  It had no heart, it was dull and crude.  I don't know how it got there,  And I didn't want it to stay.  So, I did my best to scare it from my brain.  After much pain, I found success.  I drove it from my body,  And oh, what freedom I did gain. By Evelyn Creon  


The pen smoothly moved  Across the paper's surface,  The line it drew was smooth And full of soft curves Moving into delicate letters,  Full of enticing strands.  Strands that went in all directions  Composed by vibrant colors.  Colors that pulled you in  And kept you engrossed in them.  The alluring word Limerence,  It was calligraphed with a touch  Of color flowing through it, Onto a white canvas. By Evelyn Creon