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Prompt #2

Here is a another prompt I wrote. Again you get to decide the sex of the character, and the setting that the character is in Prompt #2 Why am I hear, what is the point? What could they possibly want with me? These questions played over and over in my head. And no one could give me the answers I wanted. I have searched for them but they never have appeared, and probably never will. So here I am stuck with nothing. Not one thing to give a clue. Let alone figure out if my family is okay.  Do you know how it feels to be taken away? Ripped away from your family, and nothing you say or do will change that? I know how it feels, and deep down inside I have some how always known. That misery that leaves in your gut and the guilty feeling that you could have done something. When really there was nothing anyone could do. My brain ran wild with these types of thoughts. I had nothing better to do, or so I thought. I should not have been sulking and feeling sorry for all that had happe

"Untold" prompt #1

I get a lot of little bits of inspiration that I turn into a story idea or a writing prompt. I have never actually thought about posting them before; but recently I thought it might be fun to try.    I am encouraging you imagine the setting in which this story takes place, and what the characters like along with their appearances.  Prompt #1 I didn’t think everyone had a chance to tell their story. Or at least I never thought I would have a chance. I guess I thought my history was not as important as everyone else. I’ve known lots of people in my time but I never would have imagined that a little boy would be the person to change my entire life. Well what was left to live that is?  People always said just wait your time will come. I heard that my whole life, from my parents, friends and many others. And I always said “Why can’t it happen now?” I never understood why it didn’t happen sooner and most likely never will. But the lesson I learned will be one of the most


This was the second poem I have ever wrote. I wrote it for a contest at our library.  Rotations  The sun has gone The moon took over The bright blue sky was overcome With night and stars But in the morning when the sun     returns Then the moon disappears out of sight The night is overcome with the Love of a brand new day  By Evelyn Creon