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Question Time #5

I can't believe that this is the last Tuesday in May. We are almost halfway though the year of 2020, and oh man it has been crazy ride.  Lets get into the questions for this month.  Which of the seven wonders of the world do you want to vist the most?  Because there are many different types of seven wonders of the  world I decided to choose one of each.   Ancient seven wonders:  Hanging Gardens of Babylan Modern seven wonders: Coloseum Natural seven wonders: Victoria Falls  Medieval seven wonders: Hagia Sophia  When was the last time you really laughed outloud?  Last night. One of my coworks did something really stupid and funny.  What was the most memorable book you have ever read?  I have two: one is a Indian Captive by Marie Jemison, and the other is a Viking Quest series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.  What major historical event took place the year you were born?  The bombing of the Twin Towers.  Do you have any skeletons in your closet?  Of course! Everyone has them, because nobody

Monstrous place

High above the misty mountains  Beneath the creeping, looming sounds. Hideous monsters prowl around, In a grim, gruesome battleground. A lethal monstrous place to roam For any human that I know.  You'd never make it out alive Unless you know the Shiverouse tribe. The Shiverouse you can not trust; Bury you while you still converse, And if you become their ally Yes, even then, you still might die.  If you did make it through alive  You'd wonder quite how you survived. The Shiverouse tribe has wiped you brain, So that others you might not train.  This place will haunt you all your life, Bringing nightmares each day and night.  No one that lives is e're the same Once they've stepped foot in that dreadful place.  By Evelyn Creon

Sullen Face

Happiness surrounds me  Every time I see you.  Don't let my sullen face  Fool you.  I just put it on, So it doesn't look like  I'm falling for you.  Written by Evelyn Creon 

Broken and Defeated

At some point we have met or will meet a person that is broken and does not believe they are capable of being loved. Because they are in that mindset it is all the more important to show them what love is and what kindness is. The last thing we want to see is the sadness that is in my poem, "Broken and Defeated." Remember  A little bit of love can go along way.  She once hid in smoke that stung her eyes, As she fought for herself and agonized As she fought for herself and agonized. What did she do to deserve such a wreck, Her heart was torn and so was her check. Her heart was torn and so was her check. She floated on a glasses of iced champagne, Stuck in a tizzy of weakness and shame. Stuck in a tizzy of weakness and shame. She tried to amend the things she had done; Turn her life towards the rising sun Turn her life towards the rising sun. Alas, the deed she never completed, So she hid in the dark broken and defeated. So she hid in the dark broken and