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Question Time #6

It's the last tuesday of the month and you all know what that means. Today we are going for some fun and silly questions.  Is a hot dog a sandwich?  To be honest I have never really thought about it. My on the spot answer is NO, it's in a category all by itself.  What is something everybody looks stupid doing?  Zerburts, your face gets all weird looking when you do one, and the babys love them.  What are the unwritten rules where you work?  Yell corner before going around the blind corner  Stupidest wifi password you've heard or seen? 765432112345677654321 Best type of cheese?  Gouda   Best nicknames you have for fellow employees or customers?  Eleven, serwina, boss captain Thomas,  If animals could talk which one would be the rudest?  Wolverine 

Who are You?

Who are you? I do not know.  YOU are a stranger tall and old. I've met you once or twice before, Maybe even thrice.  YOU seem so sweet and so nice, But  people aren't always what they seem, And that's why I question now.  Should I let my guard down  And let you see me for me?  Written by Evelyn Creon   

Closet Monster

Inside that closet that you see  Lies a creature strong and free It loves to scare the little children  Hear their cries of misery.  It’s never seen by any parents  It only shows itself to children,  When the room is dark and grim It emerges from the closet  With a nasty, and evil grin.  Written by Evelyn Creon 

Benefits of Dancing

          Dancing has been a part of cultures since the beginning of time. It has mesmerized the hearts and minds of people around the world with its different styles, history, and health benefits. Dancing is an art of expression; it has been used to express deep ideas about things such as  war, sexuality, happiness, grief, and many others. It can take a person on a roller coaster ride of imagination, challenging people to improve both physically and mentally.  Dancing stimulates the brain. It improves motor skills and communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Because dance makes people more social and interactive with people outside their normal social circles, it also installs an energetic self-confidence in them. When a person dances freely , the body releases neurotransmitters called endorphins. These endorphins make a dancer feel happy, which alleviates stress. Remarkably, Stanford Dance noted, “ Dancing integrates several brain functions at once