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Behind a Blue Ball Cap

Across the room he sat With his face hidded  Behind his blue ball cap.  Across the brim of his hat  In bold letters dressed in black  Were the words, "U.S. Veteran" He held a glass of whiskey  In his old, rough, looking hands. His hands where some what shakey, And he sat a little slouched.  But his air was of honor, and self-respect.  Reminding all who saw him  That this mann was a proud American.  In the background of the pub  The national anthem played  And if you looked close enough  You could see a hand above his heart.  By Evelyn Creon 

22 Years Today

On this very day
A girl was born,
With big eyes,
And light brown hair.
She is my best friend.
Today's her birthday
she turns twentry-two.
I'm so glad to have her
Here with me.
Through good and bad,
And tear stained eyes.
From thousands of miles
And terrible late nights.
From hiking trails
With amazing views,
To broken hearts,
And musical tunes.
Delirious with laughter,
Oh, what a sight.
Ocean beaches,
Picture pit stops,
Tailegate parties,
To broken down trucks.
That girl and I've been
Through so much.
When the world is dark
She lifts me up.
She is the best
I love her so much.
I'm so glad to have her
In my life.
Happy birthday
To my best friend. 
By Evelyn  Creon 

Summer Kitchen Misery

There was a hot kitchen,
In a little town,
In the mid summer,
Where heat empowered all.

It dragged its employees
Through ditches full of sweat,
While they tried to labor
In hot air with food and prep.

Next to ovens and stoves
That were deathly hot.
They savored every step
When in the ice chest.

Cold water they would gulp
Refreshing their dry throats.
While trying their best
To stay hydrated.

When summer seemed to cease
Happiness filled them all,
Because cool weather
Was a sign for fall.
By Evelyn Creon


 The sprinkler seemed to say
On repeat all day.

Watering to keep grass green
In the summer heat,

A place for children
To get wet and clean,

The cool breeze it gives
When wind and water collide,

On a farm in the evening
When colors fill the sky,

The sprinkler seemed to say
On repeat all day.
By Evelyn Creon