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Thousands of words

Thousands of words
A picture holds,
In invisible ink
Waiting for you to decode.

A picture captures
Long forgotten memories
And tells, of us,
As little children.

A picture will
Occupy our minds
With wonderful amazement
And endless possibilities.

A picture can take you
To a whole new world,
Or travel back in time
On an emotional rollercoaster.

A thousand words
A picture holds
Written in invisible ink
For you to decipher.
By Evelyn Creon


Home is a place
Where the people we love dwell.
Home is a place
Where we learn to understand
Good and bad.
Home is a place
Where we laugh and play.
Home is a place
Where we cry and morn.
Home is a place
Where we love and hate
The people we call family.
Home is a place
Where children grow,
Grandparents are teachers,
And where parents forgive.
Home is a place
That we crave once it's lost.
By Evelyn Creon

An Unexpected Adventure

One sunny Saturday afternoon when the sun glistened on the freshly fallen snow. tailgate my friends and I decided to take a stroll through the quiet woods behind my house. 
    They snow crunched under our feet as we ambled along talking and enjoying the beauty that lay around us. Every once in a while tree would let a load of snow off one of two of it's branches, and It would fall like pillows into the snow bellow.         Suddenly, we came to multiple down trees and what looked like a blackberry patch covered by snow. To continue on with our stroll we had to some how make our way of this new obstacle. My friends started to cross with little difficulty and by the end had wet pants.     Being very familiar with these types of cumbersome blockages I hand no problem getting across. When I was on the last branch I decided that I would make a stupid statement, and so, I proudly announced, "I made it!" My friends all turned and shook their heads. The consequence of the…

Composition of Perfection

A composition of perfection
Was painted on a canvas.
A majestic view
Of water, trees and mountains.
The colors blended pleasently
Catching to the eye.
Telling the story of spring,
With bright ideals
Of an inspiring scene.
By Evelyn Creon 

Against the rocks

In repetition, the water  It beats against the rocks  Than it crashes beneath  it's surface with incredible force.  By Evelyn Creon