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Off With the Old

This year is almost over Twelve hours left to the dot.  Once the clock strikes midnight  A New Year will have begun. 
What the New Year holds  We do not know, But it's the beginning of a new decade  So, let's ride it out, it might be fun!

 The past year had been a joy, A curse, a nightmare, and a blessing.  It was filled with tears, love and happiness.  Memories made have been engraved. 
This year is almost over, Twelve hours to the dot.  Once the clock strikes midnight  A New Year will have begun.  By Evelyn Creon 
Enjoy Christmas!!! And see you all next week.

Bountiful Harvest short story

On an old family farm, just outside a quaint little town, lived a well-to-do farmer and his family. The farm had been started by the farmers great grand-father Abbott Varroclaudious, and was known to the town as the Avarro Farm. Every night when the farmer tucked his children into bed, he would tell them the story of Abbott and how he saved the Avarro family farm. 
The story went something like this: When Abbott was sixty-five he became impaired with a life threatening sickness. He went to many doctors, all of whom announced there was no cure for his sickness. As Abbott's health began to quickly decline, he became bedridden. This caused him to become terribly worried that his sons, Finnan and Marwine, who were greedy, selfish, and lazy would sell the farm after his death, which would leave their tender-hearted mother to fend for herself. Because Abbott was so utterly distressed at the notion of leaving his farm to his sons, he came up with a plan. 
One spring day, when the sun was pe…

Can We?

Can we cry  Over our past mistakes?  Will they understand  The regret that we face?  How it haunts us day and night  Never giving us sleep? Can they understand  What causes us to weep? Will they love us  When we tell them our secrets? By Evelyn Creon

With a Laugh

With a sweet laugh,
A shining smile,
And dancing eyes.
You, can kick-start
Someone's morning
With a hint of golden
By Evelyn Creon