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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope your Christmas was full of awesome moments and memorable memories.                    Evelyn

Her Passion

Passion was what pushed her
Too fulfill her dreams.
The love of the thing she did
Made her success and fame.
She really didn't want
All the popularity.
What she really wanted
Was to brighten someone's day.
By Evelyn Creon

Antique Blade Cuffs

Sliver dipped moon-beams  Carved in plated blade cuffs, Trapped in a trunk Full of antique stuff.  By Evelyn Creon

12 Days of Christmas Tag

I want to give a big thank you to my fellow blogger and friend Anitafor tagging me in the, "12 Days of Christmas tag." I'm very excited to be able to participate in the tag. 
Rules-Thank and link back to the blogger who tagged you - Thank you Anita!

-Answer the twelve questions.

-Tag one to four bloggers and give them twelve questions to answer.

-Use the above photo for the beginning of your post. 

12 Questions 

      1. What's your favorite Christmas song? 
I love most Christmas music so this one is really hard.  There is an old Christmas carol called, "Coventry Carol" that I absolutely love. One of my contemporary favorites is, "Mary did you know?" 

  2. Favorite Christmas tradition? 
Crafting gifts with my grandma, and picking out a Christmas tree. 

      3. Favorite Christmas movie? 
"Frosty the snowman" One of the best Christmas children animations of all time. 

      4. What's your favorite holiday sweet? Anything that has too do with pepp…

The Note

I have often left my perch  Just to sing a note. So to let it fly  Throughout all the earth  To spread a tone of truth.  By Evelyn Creon

Pastel Sunset

The sunset in the sky  Is dreamer than most. With it's pastel colors  Sinking slowly  Past the coast.
By Evelyn Creon

Rose Colors Symbolic Meanings

Roses are my absolute favorite flower. They have played a big part in my life. Their smell is so breath taking, and brings back many memories. The name itself was my great grandmother's first name, and now is  part of mine also. It is also the flower for June my favorite month, an my birthday month.  
Rose comes from the Latin word rosa.
They come in many different colors all of which have significant symbolic meanings. I have put together a  list of what each color of the Rose symbolizes.

White - purity, innocence, and youthfulness.

Ivory - charm, thoughtfulness, and gracefulness.

Yellow - freindship, joy, and caring.

Peach - modesty, genuineness, sincerity, and gratitude.

Orange - desire, fascination, enthusiasm, and energy.

Pink - femininity, elegance, refinement, and sweetness.

Red - passion, love, romance, and desire.

Violet - enchantment, splemder, wonder, and mystery.

Green - richness, abundance and bounty.

Blue -mystery, the impossible, and unattainable

Black - death, mourning, big c…

Icy Dread

Another dark poem. Written a couple weeks ago. 

I felt the breathe and presence
Of something dark and dirty.
It sent a frozen chill
Up my heated body.

I shivered in the cold
That bit me in the back,
and whispered in the darkness,
"Please, give me one last chance."

I there than became aware,
Rime fingers on my shoulder.
I tried to move away
They grasped me much harder.

The warmth in my body
It slowly diminished.
As I stood there by myself
Ice forming on my body.

I endured the ice crawling,
Descending my arms and legs,
Taking lastly my heart.
That's when it stopped beating.

When the ice ceased crawling
It's sweet, eerie, voice said
"Ice is a pleasant color
To look at upon your head. "

No longer could I answer,
Nor could I cry-out in pain.
I stood there dead, with dread
Frozen upon my face.
By Evelyn Creon

The Reaper

This poem was inspired by the myth of the Grim Reaper. He is know for collecting the souls from people when their time is up.  
I saw a figure  Descending down Upon a feeble body; Reaping 'way life  With it's own breathing. 
That foul figure  Paralyzed me, Into a macabre fear That stiffened me, While it disappeared. 
The feeble being That I had seen  No longer was it breathing  The figure, a brute, Took life an' now me.  By Evelyn Creon


Leaves on the ground, Leaves on the trees; All in a colorful display, A splendor, an' array. 
Red an' yellow, for apples That rest upon the ground.  Orange, for pumpkins  All carved, an' round. 
Amber, for spiced cider  A yummy warm, refreshment.  Brown, for the acorns   That we turn into decor. 
The colors they're lustrous, A beauty to the eye.  The colors of autumn  That fill the October sky.  By Evelyn Creon

Absence of light

Don't be afraid  Of the dark of night.  It's only dark because Of the absence of light.  By Evelyn Creon


Inspired by a summer evening. 
Shh! Listen to the music Directed by the crickets.  They're singing symphonies  In the evening light, If you care to listen.   By Evelyn Creon


Image flashed fore me, I closed my eyes tight.  Darkness settled in With it brought, inept sin. 
I cried, "Not again,"  My eyes began to burn  From a fire within,  "I can't look again." 
 I opened my eyes, The image it was gone, Far from my eye sight.  I could breath once again. 
In that dark evil place, The sun began to show 'baft a mountain peek It did begin to grow. 
Tears filled my eyes  Once again I denied  Undeniable sin  That tried to rule my life.
By Evelyn Creon 


Allergies, allergies go away, I don't like you today. You cause sore throats,  Runny noses, Red eyes,  And sneezes galore.  Allergies, allergies go away, Come again another day.  By Evelyn Creon 


We all have had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, whether it's because you're late to work or something else. This short prompt was inspired by one of those types a days. 
"Oh snap!" I bolted straight up. My restful slumber was disturbed by the sunlight floating around me. I looked at my clock, it was six am. "Drats!" I said outloud. I was supposed to be at work a hour in a half ago. I leaped from my bed. Quickly rummaging  through my dresser drawers trying my to find an outfit. Running down the stairs I grabbed a piece of fruit, my purses, and left my glasses sitting on the table. I ran to the car, started it, and was about to drive away when I realized I didn't have my glasses. This was not how I wanted to start my day. I jumped out of the car, and  ran as fast as I could into the house, grabbed my glasses and was back in the car in the nick of time. I sped down the driveway and arrived at work two hours late. Amidst my  rush I had…

Whiskey drinker

 I 'm do excited for this short story. I've been wanting to share it with all of you for the past two weeks, but it wasn't ready two weeks ago.  

It was inspired by all the familys that deal with alcohol addiction in their homes. 

Whiskey Drinker   a short story by Evelyn Creon Like a ship sinking into a stormy sea, an empty bottle fell from his hands hitting the concrete floor with a crash, and shattering into a thousand pieces. He sat there half lying, half sitting in is chair. The chair was using all its strength trying not to buckle beneath my father's weight. He was drunk. The smell of whiskey was strong on his breath. I sighed, a deep long one, trying to hold back tears of aching pain that filled me at the sight of him. Again I had found him lost in drowning everything with a drink. Guilt filled me. I felt like I should have used softer words when I scolded him like a child. It was in times like those, when my father was drunk that my mother's words would repeat o…

Bald eagle

Our country's bird, A beauty it be; It stands for The stars and stripes, Of liberty.  By Evelyn Creon 


The joy of having sisters is absolutely amazing. I would never not want another one. The crazy things we do together are priceless memories, no matter how stupid they may seem. 
There is nothing like  Me and you, Dancing in our bedroom To our favorite tune. 
Joining hands and spinning 'round and round, Till we fall,  Laughing to the ground. By Evelyn Creon

Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!

I have a big announcement. Drum roll please..... 

You guys I am so excited to announce that I have been nominated for the "Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!" (I'm doing the happy dance right now.) It is a privilege that I am very grateful to have gotten. 

Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog. Answer the questions provided by the blogger who nominated you (11 maximum).Nominate new bloggers, and make up 11 questions for them to answer.List the Rules and display the sunshine blogger logo on you post. 
First, I would like to thank Bella Putt, a fellow blogger as well as a fellow Y-duber for this amazing opportunity. 

Bella provided me with 11 amazing questions that I can't wait to answer. So let's get on with the questions.    1. Where is you favorite place to write? Why? I have two places I love to write,my bed, and outside. My bed is where I write if I have an idea and I want to expand on it. When I am in need of inspiration I retreat outside…

Happy Day

This poem was inspired by a prompt I read about writing a happy poem. 
Your smile is sunshine, Fills the whole room. It's beam so bright  It touches the moon. 
Your jokes bring joy  To those who don't laugh. Your friendliness  Brightens everyone's path.   By Evelyn Creon

Blanket lost

To all the people who understand what it's like when you lose your blanket at night. 
Tossing and turning, Around I wrapped A big thick blanket Behind my back.
It got so hot, I wiggled and thrashed Kicking the blanket Off my bed.
As I slept hours past, Then midnight's roar Scared me half to death, And my body felt frore.
I bolted straight up And fumbled around In search of my blanket Blue and round.
Yet I felt nothing.  Reaching out my hand It gripped only air, I was getting mad.
I got out of bed I stumbled and fell Crashing to the floor How fatal it felt.
that's when I felt it So soft and torn It felt so nice though it was old and worn.
To tired to move Broken and sore  I fell asleep On the floor. by By Evelyn Creon

Mixed within

let's take a deeper look into a writer's mind. 
Passion and death, Two combined  Mixed within  A writer's mind. 
Short on time, And endless visions
That assemble together,
Cast expositions. By Evelyn Creon

Is it a dream?

Inspired by the picture I am using for this blog post. I have never experienced dreaming about my own death but I know people who have. It raises the question what is the reason for people to dream about their death?  
The waves tossed and turned throwing walls of water continually over my head.  I could barely breath. Every time my head emerged to the surface in was pushed under again in to a swell of water. The swell would spin me around which to me seemed to be forever. Then it would spit me out and the cycle would happen again. I wanted to get away from all the water, but there was no land or boats in sight. I felt hopeless and as time passed I didn't fight for a breath of air. I became so tired that eventually I felt my body start to sink down.  I looked up. Light was shinning through the water as I went down, down, and down. There was a thud on the ocean floor where my body laid to rest.
I booted up straight as a door nail and ripped of my blankets. "It wasn't real.…

Glenwood Canyon Colorado

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive through Glenwood Canyon with my family. It was beautifu. the beauty of the canyon inspired me, and so I wrote a poem about my experience there. 
The canyon walls towered high above  us. Beautiful rock formations lined it's walls. The Colorado river's
murky water lies below,
Seventy was the speed limit  A freeway both ways.  Twelve miles mostly of bridge we drove on, Four tunnels passed we through. 
Orange cones lined the center line, Preventing you from driving in the left lane.   Electrical construction made one way traffic, For both ways.  
A train track was built  on the south side of the river.   if it is still in use,  I wouldn't know. 
Rest stops were placed about every three miles, Throughout the cannon.  They were small, clean, and green;  with ramps to the river. 
Rafters floated down the river through swells and rapids. If you looked past the car windows, You could watch the rafts toss too and for. 
Glenwood canyon Colorad…

Fields of gold

Inspired by a road trip to the Rocky mountains. One of the many scenes of an exciting road trip. 
Fields of gold  Fly past my Windows.  Fence posts of the thousands, Line the sides of the roads.  Farm house scattered Throughout the fields of gold. No sight of a town  For hundreds of miles.  Trees a rare thing to see  In the sea of gold.  Tumbleweeds, flying through the air  landing here and there.  Fields of gold meet the sky  As far as one can see.  Bright blue and fluffy white  Colors the sky. Over head the sun beats down Upon the earth with waves of heat.  By Evelyn Creon

Books holder's of knowledge

We often forget that reading the old classic books and learning from our mistakes are what help us become a holder of knowledge.

Books that sit upon shelves  Marked front to back  With notes and pen ink. Their pages worn, From repeated use Their covers old and running thin From frequently being read. Years worth of work,  Of lessons learned, dreams, Ideas, and disagreements. Well loved are these books that have shared knowledge with their readers  Over and over again. By Evelyn Creon


Today's post was inspired by so the things we forget about. This poem only skims the top of what a lot of us forget. 
Forgotten words that hurt so deep, that they left distinguished damage. 
Forgotten memories that once  So memorable and were vocally repeated. 
Forgotten clothes that were loved  And worn day in and out. 
Forgotten books that lay  Deserted upon their shelves. 
Forgotten gardens once beautiful,  Now over grown with weeds. 
Forgotten homes that  Are collapsing on themselves .
Forgotten family members  That don't want to be remembered. 
Forgotten lovers,  That we have no reason to remember.
Forgotten birthdays , That we are expected to remember. 
Forgotten writing that lays somewhere  Unfinished, and catching dust.  
forgotten dishes from the day before, That no one had time to wash. 
Forgotten expectations that  Were lost because we're in a hurry. 
Forgotten dreams that We failed to follow in our teens.
Forgotten events in history  That are supposed to be not…

Night scare

Here is a fun little adventure I had last night. 

I opened the door. Dusk had just started to fade away into a grayish black. I had left my backpack in the car and needed something in it. I took five steps outside. Just enough to be off the stairs and on the path to the car. The car was only 15 feet away and I knew that there was nothing to be afraid of, but I still had that cautious air about me. I was just about to take another step when some branches broke in the woods. In a blink of an eye I was back in the house peaking my head around the door. Just in case I see the thing that might be lurking in the dark just outside of my sight. A few more sticks broke, than a few more. I waited a few more minutes using the door as a shield. I debated in my head whether or not I should venture out into the almost dark outside. I decided the best place for me was in the house until morning comes. I closed the door locked it, praying that I had just imagined things.

Quotes that inspire me as a writer

Today's post is going to be a little different. I am sharing with you the quotes that inspire me to keep writing. I feel as if every hobbyist should have an inspiration of some sort that keeps them pursuing their hobby. 

Blog logo

I am super excited about my new blog logo. I want to thank Designevo for the opportunity to make an a awesome new logo to a country girl's writing.

With designevo you can choose from 4000+ professional templets. You can customize your logo the way you want it for free. The logos can be used for business, weddings, blogs, social media profile picture, and much more. 

Crystal Heart

One of the things I have always feared is the idea of losing my parents. This was a dream that I would have over and over again when I was younger. 
My heart fell from his hands hitting the ground shattering into a thousand pieces. "Nnnoooo," I cried, "You dropped it! How could you do such a thing?" Tears streamed down my cheeks. I couldn't hold them back as much as I wanted to.  A grin crossed his lips as he looked at me and said hardheartedly, "Your the one that gave it to me, and so you have me the permission to do what I wanted with it. I don't care about your heart so I broke it. " The tears streamed faster down my cheeks than they had ever come before. "Does my heart mean nothing to you?"  " NO, nope, never have and never will. "  I looked up at him in disgust. His grin made me sick inside. I had trusted him with every part of me, and most importantly the memory of my parents. I couldn't look at his awful heartless self any …