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I felt entrapped
By my captors gaze.
It held my heart
With deathly rage.

I tried to look away,
his eyes they stared
Straight through me.
I felt an aching pain.

I began to tremble,
As my confidence
Quickly vanished,
While he starred at me.

What he saw,
I understood not.
The sight before his eyes
Was a wretched mess.

Make-up smeared face,
Rats and mangled hair,
Clothes torn to shreds,
And eyes full of tears.

I felt entrapped
By my captors gaze.
It held my heart
With deathly rage
By Evelyn Creon 

Alice in Wonderland Writing Prompt

Writing prompt: Retell in your words the first  paragraph in chapter one, in "Alice in Wonderland" writen by Lewis Caroll.

Below is my retelling.

Alice put her slobbery finger into her sister's ear."Alice! Gross! What did you do that for?" Her sister exclaimed crossley, as she dropped her book and stood up quickly. Alice shrugged delightfully, "I'm bored of sittin' here while you read, doin' nothin'." Her sister, who gave her a murderous stare, picked up her book and sat back down violently. "Don't do that again or you'll get somethin' worse than a wet-willy." Alice smirked because her sister's threat was an empty one. While Alice sat pondering whether or not to give her sister another wet-willy, a white rabbit sped past her. Shocked at the sight of the rabbit and burning with curiosity she hastened after it. "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" the rabbit who continued to r…

White River Falls

This past Sunday I got to spend the day with some friends, and we took a trip to White River Falls in Oregon. It was sixty degrees and beautiful. 

Columbia river 
Columbia river 
White river trail head 

Old machinery 

One of the falls 
Down river 
An old building we probably shouldn't have been in. 

I'll Let You Go

I've been watching how you act
Around the young man.
You like him I can tell,
And I'm a little mad.
I've been watching you two,
You're slowly slipping away.
I don't want you to go,
You are my best friend.
In this life I understand.
So, though I don't want to lose you
I'll let you fly away.
By Evelyn Creon