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I give you all

I emptied myself out Into your hands. I gave you my all To protect me again.  You won't disappoint me You never have.  So I don't fear  That my life's in your hands.  By Evelyn Creon  


This idea is to reflect some of the innocence that a child has. Moonlight streamed down upon her As she lay asleep upon her bed.  It made her hair glisten. Outlined her eyelashes, nose, and lips; Her most delicate features while she slept.  Untouched by the evils  That lay out side her door. By Evelyn Creon

Touched by a Breath of Fresh Air

Inspired by the memory of a cool breeze on a hot summer day.  Touched by a breath of fresh air; Leaves trembled on their branches. Touched by a breath of fresh air;  Flowers daintily waved a little.  Touched by a breath of fresh air; Grass bent ever so slightly.  Touched by a breath of fresh air; Goosebumps rose on someone's arms. Touched by a breath of fresh air; Hair wavered from where it lay. Touched by a breath of fresh air; a piece of paper crumpled a little more.  Touched by a breath of fresh air, Refreshed a hard-working brain.  Touched by a breath of fresh air Poetry was born.  By Evelyn Creon

Michael built a bicycle

This poem was written by my DAD when he was in 5th grade in 10-18-1984. My grandma came across this poem while going through all my dad's childhood things two weeks. When she showed it to me I fell in love with it. I never imagined my dad writing a poem, and this is just one more example of how amazing he is.  Michael built a bicycle  Usatiable for speed,  It's crammed with more accessories  Than any one could need. There's an am-jm radio, A deck to play cassettes,  A refrigerator- freezer, And a pair of tv sets. There are shelves for shirts and sweaters, There are hangers for his jeans, A drawer for socks and underwear, A rack for magazines. There's a fish tank and a birdcage, Perched upon the handlebars,  A lookcase, and telescope  To watch the moon and stars. There's a telephone and blender, And a stove to cook his meals.  There's a sink to do the dishes Somehow fastened to the wheels. There's a portable