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Farewell for Now

Small Update I am going to take a brake  from blogging for a month.  I plan on starting it up in February of 2018.     Evelyn/ Idazle 


I was talking with some friends of mine, and the subject of time came up. That conversation gave me an idea. What if we coul kill tome? There is no way to actually eliminate it from our lives, but what if there was? Instead of being successful on trying to kill time I took a different angle on it.  Touched by time, kills a person Never has it not.  Time pulls you in,  An spits you out.  It takes control of us.  Directing our timing and place.  An order we can't control.  The only way of life we know. By Evelyn Creon. 

Feeling of regret

While going through some of my old writing I came across this short piece of poetry. It was written during the big scare of the forest fires in the Columbia Gorge.  Cold feeling of regret  That pierces through ones soul.  A hole simular to being stabbed in the chest, By some enemy of the unknown. By Evelyn Creon

Taught by my brother's death

Going through some of my old writing and came across this prompt.  I watched my brother die on the battlefield, fighting for something he believed in.  I never thought or even imagined that my brothers death would bring me anything but pain. Over the past five years I have realized his death has helped me become the man I am today. It taught me how to stand for what I believe in even if my life is on the line. How preserve through difficult times. Most importantly it has helped me turn the wheels of history. Those wheels never turn unless there is bloodshed. Thanks to my brother and all the other soldiers that died in the war I was able to help turn those wheels. Something I could have never done without them.