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The Durian (short story)

This story was inspired by my reaction to the durian fruit when I first was introduced to it. I am still not a big fan of the durian fruit but I don't mind eating it. I would prefer dried durian, just because it's durian flavor is not as strong.  The Durian  By Evelyn Creon  Dropping the last chunk of frozen fruit into the blender’s pitcher, I picked up the milk carton and was just about to drench the fruit with the sweet tasting liquid when I hear my mother’s voice from the next room over. “Don’t forget to put the durian in.” All the smiles of joy at the thought of getting away without putting the durian in the smoothie vanish, with those unpleasant words of my mothers. Then remembering the taste of the durian on my tongue the last time I tasted it. And recalling the unbearable smell of rotting flesh when we opened it, it was so bad that everyone had to leave the room.   Just the thought made my stomach turn, it was that BAD. The delicacy from India where people b