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Farewell for Now

Small Update I am going to take a brake  from blogging for a month.  I plan on starting it up in February of 2018.    Evelyn/ Idazle 


I was talking with some friends of mine, and the subject of time came up. That conversation gave me an idea. What if we coul kill tome? There is no way to actually eliminate it from our lives, but what if there was? Instead of being successful on trying to kill time I took a different angle on it. 

Touched by time, kills a person Never has it not.  Time pulls you in,  An spits you out.  It takes control of us.  Directing our timing and place.  An order we can't control.  The only way of life we know.
By Evelyn Creon. 

Feeling of regret

While going through some of my old writing I came across this short piece of poetry. It was written during the big scare of the forest fires in the Columbia Gorge. 
Cold feeling of regret  That pierces through ones soul.  A hole simular to being stabbed in the chest, By some enemy of the unknown. By Evelyn Creon

Taught by my brother's death

Going through some of my old writing and came across this prompt. 

I watched my brother die on the battlefield, fighting for something he believed in.  I never thought or even imagined that my brothers death would bring me anything but pain. Over the past five years I have realized his death has helped me become the man I am today. It taught me how to stand for what I believe in even if my life is on the line. How preserve through difficult times. Most importantly it has helped me turn the wheels of history. Those wheels never turn unless there is bloodshed. Thanks to my brother and all the other soldiers that died in the war I was able to help turn those wheels. Something I could have never done without them.

Missing You

I don't know yet if I particularly like how this poem turned out. I kept debating with myself if I should even post, finally decide I've posted things I didn't really like before. Maybe I'll end up liking this poem later. 
Distance away from you  Is pulling at my heartstrings. Trying to start anew, Despite, you I still keep yearning. 
Your filling all of my dreams, Reminding me of what we had.  We once stood on moon-beams  Together, I was your comrade. 
I long for your embrace The comfort and safety it brought.  Between us is much space   United only in thoughts. 
Your hair so rich and brown  Engraved with a unique scent; That turned me upside down  Since the day we first met.
Your eyes so lively and deep;  They could see far into my soul. Everything you'd upsweep  Before I'd find a cubbyhole. 
Your lips a rosy red; Told me many a day I was loved.  Yet we are tarred and shred, Caught in a fight where we both shoved.  By Evelyn Creon

Swiss countryside

This poem was inspired by the countryside just out side of Adliswil. There are no docks that I know in Adliswil, but there are docks in Zurich; that's where the line "closely to the docks" was inspired. 
Bells on the hillside; Clouds in the sky. Bongs of clocks Closely to the docks. 
Crows flying through air  Worrin' 'bout themselves.  Bleats of sheep  On hills they do reap. 
Splashing of a stream; It dips and dives.  Through the sky  Cold, crisp leaves do fly. 
Various places  Snow it does lie. Sun streams down  On fields green and brown.  By Evelyn Creon

Her beauty

I am spending all of November in Switzerland, so all of my post from now till the end of the month will be inspiration I have from the beauty of Switzerland. Today's post was inspired by the painted leaves that adorn many of the trees in Switzerland this time of year. 
This particular writing today is about a gardener seeing a tree he planted in his younger years thirty years later. 

I was taken back by the sight of her; adorned all fit and fine. Her hair was pulled back gently with a couple strands on display. Her painted face, lips, and hands were raised. As if to say, "Come to me." A gold chain was draped around her neck. A glittering ring on her finger did laugh. Jewels hung in array from her ears. A yellow lace shirt trimmed her bosom. While along brown and green skirt draped from her sides. Her feet lay bare on an orange carpet. La leather purse hung from her wrist. Her tone was like a song. Her movement was that of a queen. Maids of waiting were to her left and righ…

Look on the bright side

I wanted to try to something different this week. The poem that is featured was written by a fellow blogger Frostbite. I asked her to do a guest post on my blog. 

Look on the bright side  When God hands you lemons, Make lemonade. When He gives you fire, Pull out the kettle.
When God shoots you black rocks, Build a fortress.
When He takes a life,
Trust he knows best.

When God brings you storm clouds,
Dance in the rain.
If He lets you fall,
Ask, he'll forgive.

When God  blows you blue winds,
Jump off and fly.
When He drops you toils,
He'll Cary you through.

The Reformation's 500 Anniversary

Happy Reformation day!
To honor this special holiday I have decide to not write anything dark and dreary this week. I have decided to introduce something new to my blog. Today's post is going to feature all my favorite quotes by Martin Luther. I am a newbie with quote posts so bare with me on this one.

The road I followed

 This is not a poem although maybe one day it will be. I was walking up my road the other day and this thought came to my mind. It was dark and the road I live on is curvy with a cliff on one side and a steep bank on the other making it darker then it actually is. Making you wonder what is on the bank or at the bottom of the cliff. When I got home I put together this little but of inspiration. 

Narrow the road I did travel.
Old and gray it 'twas.
Full of twists and turns
And weird old trees.
Up it took me, deep into
A forest I'd never explored.
I followed it.
knowing not what to expect.
It was quiet and had an eerie feel.
The trees all seemed green.
The farther I went
the darker and gloomy
Everything became.
I began to jump
At any little sound.
A rustle, crack, snap, or tap
Made me look around.
Yet still I followed it
Despite all my fear.
The trees now all seemed dead
And were gray shadows.
My gut told me to stop
But I did not take heed.
Still I wandered up and up,
Suddenly I …

The song she sung

She Sat there, tied to a chair; Damaged and confused.  To calm the dark fear of death, She there intuned.
"Away with me forever, never too be seen. A whisper and a shadow forever I will be.  No one to say, "I love you." Or,"Are you okay?" No one to say, "hold on now, we'll make it through the day." Only a dark shadow, that crawls across the room. Only a whisper that says, "It will all be over soon." Only dark cold depths; that never pass me by.  Only terrible ice winds; that beat against the sky.  Only me tide up; tight, to die and endless death.  So, this song I will sing until my last dying breath."
The song she sang it 'bout thrice; On the fourth she tried,  But her heart ceased to beat.  Then she there did die. 
They found her in the morning  Underneath the sky.  Iced over by all the cold, All to horrify. 
Nobody knew who she was. Or why she was there.  They only knew that they saw,  Quite dreadful affair. 
By Evelyn Creon

Faun of depths

In the deadest parts of night,  When all should be a sleep, Fear; it wanders left and right; As a faun from the deep. 
He's filled with evil magic; Which call to all that sleep:  "The children in the attic  No longer do they creep."
The children who never sleep, Toss and turn as they plea While he pulls them in, knee deep,  To the dark depths beneath. 
A nightmare to all who hear The call of his own life:  "Sleepless children disappear, Live forever in strife."  By Evelyn Creon
This poem was inspired by a dream I had.

The caw of the Jay

The blue jay's caw is sinful;
Very simular to the crow.
It tells of somethings brutal;
That could take place in many rows.

In rushing blast, come the wind.
Affirming the jay's caw was right.
The grayness steps foot within;
Bringing with, the black of night.

In the darkness none discerns;
What lays no more than out of sight.
Such reasons are to concern
The utmost, blackest parts of night.

Where creatures lurk, ever near.
To catch a brief glimpse of their dupe.
Driving their prey into fear,
Before making them into human soup.

The blue jay's call is heinous;
Very simular to the crow.
That's why we should take notice
So not to take a fatal blow.
By Evelyn Creon

I have began to have a thing for a little darker poems and stories. This poem was inspired by the screech of a blue Jay and the day coming to an end.

Drop of water

A drop of water  Rolls down a leaf.  When it nears the tip,  The leaf begins to waver; Then down it dips.  Down the drop does fall.  Hitting the earth   It wavers some;  Before seeping  Into the turf.  By Evelyn Creon

To Ashes

Bare feet hit the floor.
A strong smell of smoke.
An alarm that went off.
Frantic people that run 'round.
Doors smashed. Windows broken.
All tried to leave the house.

Risked their lives,
An got everyone out.
Up went the house in flames.
At the nights end,
To the ground it was burned.
Nothing but ashes, lay in a mound.

Tears let go

I could feel the tears begin to form behind my deep blue eyes. The ones I had been pushing back for so long. Tears that were built up by stress, and sleepless nights.  Shutting my eyes up tight, I tried to block the tears from coming. I knew I couldn't hold them back, not this time. "Not now, not yet, not here where everybody is watching." I muttered to myself. I scrunched up my face hoping it keep them from braking free. It was no use, they came anyways. They streamed down my cheeks, leaving a salty trail behind them. My face began to get hot, and turn a rosie pink. Embarrassment wheeled up inside me. Then out of nowhere a sob broke loose. It came up from deep within my vocal folds. "Nooo!!!" My mind screamed, "This is only making things worse. We promised not to lose ourselves in front of everybody." I could feel my cheeks become redder.  No tears were supposed to be shed today. I had promised, but here I was shedding them. "What would people …

What happens when you smile?

Here is a essay I wrote a couple years ago on smiles. 
What happens when you smile?If you hate smiling, then you should not read this essay. Because I hope that when You finish reading this I Will have a smile on your face twenty-four seven. And by that time hopefully you will understand the meaning of a smile in the world.
What happens when you smile? May people have asked this question. There are hundreds of articles out there that have lots more information on this topic. I am going to be brief, and only cover fifteen of the most important details about smiling. All smiles fall under to categories of smiles. There is the real smile and the fake smile. I could go on and cover both types, but I am only going to cover the real smile today. When you smile how does it affect your health? Smiling is a big part of your health. People are surprised how much the uplifting of a smile will help improve your health. Here are the fifteen reasons to smile all day long, everyday:
1. When you smile,…

NorthWest ocean shores

Calming sound of waves  As they crash against the shore. 
Lazy barks of sea lions  As they lay on rock beaches. 
Tide pools full of creatures; Each unique to it's species. 
Squelching of your feet  As they sink into the sand. 
The whale on the horizon That spouts a waterfall. 
The lighthouse on the ness; To light the way at night.  
Wind that pulls the kites Up, high, into the sky. 
Laughing sounds of children  As the run too and fro. 
The beauty o the sunset  As it slips beneath the foam. 
The waver of a fires flame As it glows through the night. 
The sights and sounds that represent  The northwest ocean shores.   By Evelyn Creon

Lies from the past

Tis not our lives from the past,  Or the hopes of a future.  It's the secrets you hid  From the first day we met.
Tis not the word of a promise,  Or the love that you've showed.  It's the lies you'd tell me  Over and over again. 
Those lies and secrets were pains.  They drug me though the dirt.  Scratched me up and bruised me; Then left me for dead on the turf.
Now I'm left alone n foreign grounds, With a heart that's ripped to shreds. Lost and gone forever from you  From the way you ran me through. 
Tis not our lives from the past,  Or the hopes of a future.  It's the secrets you hid  From the first day we met.
Tis not the word of a promise,  Or the love that you've showed.  It's the lies you'd tell me  Over and over again.  By Evelyn Creon


Cold sweat, and blood  Hit the ground; Leaving a puddle  On the concrete. 

Things to remember while singing

Drop all your tones  And bring in the best. Hit the right notes  Don't flat the rest. 
Make the rhythm smooth  With no choppiness. Let music flow  Gracefully from lips. 
Give words feelings; By facial expression.  Keep your mouth open  While blowing the pitch. 
Breath from your stomach For more full sound.  Smile all the while, Don't let your face drop. 
Say vowels correctly, Don't drown your sound. Don't use to much jaw When lots of words come around. 
Know all the notes, And music too. Feel strong and confident In everything you do. 
Stand correctly! Chests, Up tall please, All faces relaxed, But no knees locked. 
Don't look up for the highs, Don't drop your head for lows. Think of highs across the room , And lows up in your face. 
Listen to you Director  She's always right. She's there to keep you in line, And on the right pitch.  By Evelyn Creon

Liebster Blog Award

I am supper excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Moriah Simonowich! Big shout-out to Moriah! This Award was created as a way for other bloggers to get to know other bloggers and grow a larger following group.

I have appointed some wonderful bloggers!

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My Eleven questions for you guys.  The rules for the Award: Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you. List eleven random facts about yourself.Nominate eleven other bloggers that you think are deserving of this award (with less than 200 followers). Let the bloggers know you nominate them. Give them eleven questions to answer. 
These next que…


White foam comes crashing towards us, Followed by large waves.  Pushing all the ocean wonders On to beaches gray.  By Evelyn Creon

The wolf's untold tale

The wolf is quiet as can be,
As it creeps over hills;
Who will his next victim be?

The wolf has no need for a pack,
So a loner he walks,
Far from wolves that attack.

His black gray coat shines by moonlight.
On his hunches he sits,
And howls to the moon at night.

His call's long and full of sorrows,
From telling his story,
To all those who follow.

The wolf has long been a legend
In this part of the hills;
Though none have ever seen him.

Of him all settlers are scared.
A monster he is titled;
Yes, one that all have feared.

Save one, who is his companion,
An independent boy
Left once in the cave of a wolf.

This boy's parents died near the den
Where a mother wolf dwelt.
Who took him as her own.

She brought him up as best she could.
Then left him with her pup
In front of a cabin old.

The cabin, quite a ways from town.
Belonged to a couple
Who never could have children.

The adopted the boy and pup;
And brought him up until
Their life on this earth was up.

Leaving everything they ow…

My Dance

I flew across the room On feather like feet.  Twirling, whirling, leaping Reducing all my stress. 
Exhaling all my anger. Dancing out my hate. Depleting all my regrets  As I prance around.
Filling my self with joy. Breathing in possibilities. Understanding life. Refreshing my tiered body.   
By Evelyn Creon

"Hidden yet seen" prompt #4

Here we go again with another prompt.

Prompt #4 "I'm free but bound, seen yet go unnoticed. Discovered but not uncovered. Unarmed yet at arms. Read  but go unread. Deadly but weak.  Hurt yet unharmed. I can explain but know nothing. I can talk yet none hear. Misunderstood and confused. The language I speak is so complex that few understand. I could say something and everyone would look at me funny. I stay quite because of the fear that I'll be misinterpreted. I put up walls no one can brake. I hide my feelings deeper that deep. Bared away so no one can get to me. Behind walls of steel and bones. Emotions unravel when no one around. I keep to myself  because of my fear. This I how I cope with life in every shape and form."

He looked at me in shock. I shrugged my shoulders.
What else was I supposed to do or say? I certainly wouldn't lie to him. I told him the truth because he asked. When some one asks me why I'm shy or why I don't talk as much as I would lik…

You hold my hand

Soft and sweet a beauty  of none other than you.  The one who holds my hand and always will  through good times and bad. By Evelyn creon

Once child's play

Deep in the forest of the unknown  Sits a tree that once was a throne. Covered with dew from last nights clouds; It blankets it's head and moisten the ground. 
This place long ago enchanted, By wood fairies from everywhere; By name know "Castle of June"  Where the fairy queen sat for many moons.   
This once enhancing fairy like place,
A place I often liked to roam.
Empty it now sits and has.
The fairies ne'r returned for many years.

Even though I'm old and now am gray,
I'll not forget my childhoods play;
Where I pretended to be
A fairy queen in search for her king.

By Evelyn Creon

Summer Storm

The trees are gently shaking
As the sky's grow quite dull;
Cloud formations now appear.

Now quickly coming toward us,
A chill runs through the air.
Storm rains are coming through.

The wind takes over control
As the earth gets battered,
By rain from up above.

Painful and sharp are the drops;
Thunder claps overhead;
Lighting makes the ground tremble.

Rain has evaporated;
Thunders all depleted;
Lighting is disappearing.

Temperatures are rising now.
Dying down is the wind;
So still, the trees have become.

Sun brakes through misty landscapes
With rays of goldenness;
East wind pushes clouds westward.

Where sunbeams do hit the ground,
Raindrops all do glisten
In splendor for all to see.

Slowly trees begin to drip;
Puddles drain all away;
The sun shines though all the day.
By Evelyn Creon