To Ashes

Bare feet hit the floor.
A strong smell of smoke.
An alarm that went off.
Frantic people that run 'round.
Doors smashed. Windows broken.
All tried to leave the house.

Risked their lives,
An got everyone out.
Up went the house in flames.
At the nights end,
To the ground it was burned.
Nothing but ashes, lay in a mound.

Tears let go

I could feel the tears begin to form behind my deep blue eyes. The ones I had been pushing back for so long. Tears that were built up by stress, and sleepless nights.  Shutting my eyes up tight, I tried to block the tears from coming. I knew I couldn't hold them back, not this time. "Not now, not yet, not here where everybody is watching." I muttered to myself. I scrunched up my face hoping it keep them from braking free. It was no use, they came anyways. They streamed down my cheeks, leaving a salty trail behind them. My face began to get hot, and turn a rosie pink. Embarrassment wheeled up inside me. Then out of nowhere a sob broke loose. It came up from deep within my vocal folds. "Nooo!!!" My mind screamed, "This is only making things worse. We promised not to lose ourselves in front of everybody." I could feel my cheeks become redder.  No tears were supposed to be shed today. I had promised, but here I was shedding them. "What would people …

What happens when you smile?

Here is a essay I wrote a couple years ago on smiles. 
What happens when you smile?If you hate smiling, then you should not read this essay. Because I hope that when You finish reading this I Will have a smile on your face twenty-four seven. And by that time hopefully you will understand the meaning of a smile in the world.
What happens when you smile? May people have asked this question. There are hundreds of articles out there that have lots more information on this topic. I am going to be brief, and only cover fifteen of the most important details about smiling. All smiles fall under to categories of smiles. There is the real smile and the fake smile. I could go on and cover both types, but I am only going to cover the real smile today. When you smile how does it affect your health? Smiling is a big part of your health. People are surprised how much the uplifting of a smile will help improve your health. Here are the fifteen reasons to smile all day long, everyday:
1. When you smile, yo…

NorthWest ocean shores

Calming sound of waves  As they crash against the shore. 
Lazy barks of sea lions  As they lay on rock beaches. 
Tide pools full of creatures; Each unique to it's species. 
Squelching of your feet  As they sink into the sand. 
The whale on the horizon That spouts a waterfall. 
The lighthouse on the ness; To light the way at night.  
Wind that pulls the kites Up, high, into the sky. 
Laughing sounds of children  As the run too and fro. 
The beauty o the sunset  As it slips beneath the foam. 
The waver of a fires flame As it glows through the night. 
The sights and sounds that represent  The northwest ocean shores.   By Evelyn Creon

Lies from the past

Tis not our lives from the past,  Or the hopes of a future.  It's the secrets you hid  From the first day we met.
Tis not the word of a promise,  Or the love that you've showed.  It's the lies you'd tell me  Over and over again. 
Those lies and secrets were pains.  They drug me though the dirt.  Scratched me up and bruised me; Then left me for dead on the turf.
Now I'm left alone n foreign grounds, With a heart that's ripped to shreds. Lost and gone forever from you  From the way you ran me through. 
Tis not our lives from the past,  Or the hopes of a future.  It's the secrets you hid  From the first day we met.
Tis not the word of a promise,  Or the love that you've showed.  It's the lies you'd tell me  Over and over again.  By Evelyn Creon


Cold sweat, and blood  Hit the ground; Leaving a puddle  On the concrete. 

Things to remember while singing

Drop all your tones  And bring in the best. Hit the right notes  Don't flat the rest. 
Make the rhythm smooth  With no choppiness. Let music flow  Gracefully from lips. 
Give words feelings; By facial expression.  Keep your mouth open  While blowing the pitch. 
Breath from your stomach For more full sound.  Smile all the while, Don't let your face drop. 
Say vowels correctly, Don't drown your sound. Don't use to much jaw When lots of words come around. 
Know all the notes, And music too. Feel strong and confident In everything you do. 
Stand correctly! Chests, Up tall please, All faces relaxed, But no knees locked. 
Don't look up for the highs, Don't drop your head for lows. Think of highs across the room , And lows up in your face. 
Listen to you Director  She's always right. She's there to keep you in line, And on the right pitch.  By Evelyn Creon