Soft & Deep

I heard a whisper
Soft and deep.
It made me tremble
In my sleep.
I shifted a little
To see a face.
It said, "I love you!
Go back to sleep."
I closed my eyes
And drifted off,
While a smile crept
Across my face.
Written by Evelyn Creon 

Winter Dance

My heart frantically raced,
As we danced
On powdery white snow
Under silver stars.

Skirts flung this way
And that way.
Slipping here and there,
We slid everywhere.

Falling once or twice,
Our laughter echoed
Through the nipping air
Back and forth.

Our smiles of Joy
Hid in shadows
Of the church's lights
In the parking lot.

Hand in hand we danced
On white ground.
Our hearts wildly racing,
And eyes beaming.
Written by 

Question Time

Here are five random questions, so you all can know me a little better. 
 Do you prefer to write with a blue or black pen? Blue 
Do you prefer reading paper or electronic  books? Paper, because they have distinct smells that help engrave each story in you brain.  Do you like ice in your drinks? Yes, ice is an every day essential.  What's your favorite scent Petrichor, the refreshing smell of rain. 
Do you like your cereal soggy or crunchy?I prefer it a little mush and crunchy at the same time. 
Bonus question: 
When you look at a guy, what is the first three things you notice?

Eyes, hands, and smile.

I hope to start doing a question day at the end of each month.

Old Coffee Tin

On an ol'  Coffee tin  Decked gold and green trim, The words read:  Gold Roast A coffee brand,  Trade and mark,  High grade,  Grand!  Imported,  Roasted,  And packed as
A breakfast blend.  Written by Evelyn Creon 

Mask of Pride

Every day I get caught up in my daily life, I forget that some of the most powerful and inspiring poetry is not just about every day life. It's about living, feeling, and most importantly emotion. Anybody can write a rhyming phrase that sounds good, but a poet digs within his or herself and writes what hurts them most to write, the dirty grimy stuff that they don't want to show the world. Recently I realized that my was not digging into the depths of me, instead I was writing halfheartedly with no empowering emotion. So, today I bring you a poem that is full of my emotion. 
Mask of Pride I walked up the street with my head held high, I had no shame only my pride.  Pride the one thing that held me together, To get me up off the ground when I was under the weather.  No matter the day, night, or time I showed it not, my mask of pride.  Pride covered my sadness, hurt, and anger.  It helped me live my life and stay put together.  When ever I fell, was beaten, or oppressed,  My pri…

Headache Extreme

My head was pounding,
It knew not relief.
The dreadful pain drummed
As I prayed for some peace.
No peace came
To ease my pain,
So I bore it on with grief.
I could not run, or jump,
Nor bend to my knees.
All of those things
Caused overwhelming pain.
I dared not look at light at all
For it shined so bright
It formed a dizzy spell.
My head felt as if it would burst!
The thought scared me
More than it could ever hurt.
Written By Evelyn Creon 

Off With the Old

This year is almost over Twelve hours left to the dot.  Once the clock strikes midnight  A New Year will have begun. 
What the New Year holds  We do not know, But it's the beginning of a new decade  So, let's ride it out, it might be fun!

 The past year had been a joy, A curse, a nightmare, and a blessing.  It was filled with tears, love and happiness.  Memories made have been engraved. 
This year is almost over, Twelve hours to the dot.  Once the clock strikes midnight  A New Year will have begun.  By Evelyn Creon