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The wolf's untold tale

The wolf is quiet as can be,
As it creeps over hills;
Who will his next victim be?

The wolf has no need for a pack,
So a loner he walks,
Far from wolves that attack.

His black gray coat shines by moonlight.
On his hunches he sits,
And howls to the moon at night.

His call's long and full of sorrows,
From telling his story,
To all those who follow.

The wolf has long been a legend
In this part of the hills;
Though none have ever seen him.

Of him all settlers are scared.
A monster he is titled;
Yes, one that all have feared.

Save one, who is his companion,
An independent boy
Left once in the cave of a wolf.

This boy's parents died near the den
Where a mother wolf dwelt.
Who took him as her own.

She brought him up as best she could.
Then left him with her pup
In front of a cabin old.

The cabin, quite a ways from town.
Belonged to a couple
Who never could have children.

The adopted the boy and pup;
And brought him up until
Their life on this earth was up.

Leaving everything they ow…

My Dance

I flew across the room On feather like feet.  Twirling, whirling, leaping Reducing all my stress. 
Exhaling all my anger. Dancing out my hate. Depleting all my regrets  As I prance around.
Filling my self with joy. Breathing in possibilities. Understanding life. Refreshing my tiered body.   
By Evelyn Creon

"Hidden yet seen" prompt #4

Here we go again with another prompt.

Prompt #4 "I'm free but bound, seen yet go unnoticed. Discovered but not uncovered. Unarmed yet at arms. Read  but go unread. Deadly but weak.  Hurt yet unharmed. I can explain but know nothing. I can talk yet none hear. Misunderstood and confused. The language I speak is so complex that few understand. I could say something and everyone would look at me funny. I stay quite because of the fear that I'll be misinterpreted. I put up walls no one can brake. I hide my feelings deeper that deep. Bared away so no one can get to me. Behind walls of steel and bones. Emotions unravel when no one around. I keep to myself  because of my fear. This I how I cope with life in every shape and form."

He looked at me in shock. I shrugged my shoulders.
What else was I supposed to do or say? I certainly wouldn't lie to him. I told him the truth because he asked. When some one asks me why I'm shy or why I don't talk as much as I would lik…

You hold my hand

Soft and sweet a beauty  of none other than you.  The one who holds my hand and always will  through good times and bad. By Evelyn creon

Once child's play

Deep in the forest of the unknown  Sits a tree that once was a throne. Covered with dew from last nights clouds; It blankets it's head and moisten the ground. 
This place long ago enchanted, By wood fairies from everywhere; By name know "Castle of June"  Where the fairy queen sat for many moons.   
This once enhancing fairy like place,
A place I often liked to roam.
Empty it now sits and has.
The fairies ne'r returned for many years.

Even though I'm old and now am gray,
I'll not forget my childhoods play;
Where I pretended to be
A fairy queen in search for her king.

By Evelyn Creon

Summer Storm

The trees are gently shaking
As the sky's grow quite dull;
Cloud formations now appear.

Now quickly coming toward us,
A chill runs through the air.
Storm rains are coming through.

The wind takes over control
As the earth gets battered,
By rain from up above.

Painful and sharp are the drops;
Thunder claps overhead;
Lighting makes the ground tremble.

Rain has evaporated;
Thunders all depleted;
Lighting is disappearing.

Temperatures are rising now.
Dying down is the wind;
So still, the trees have become.

Sun brakes through misty landscapes
With rays of goldenness;
East wind pushes clouds westward.

Where sunbeams do hit the ground,
Raindrops all do glisten
In splendor for all to see.

Slowly trees begin to drip;
Puddles drain all away;
The sun shines though all the day.
By Evelyn Creon

Unending pain

I scarcely know what to do  I'm lost in to much pain.  A pain that never a seems to fade  Or disappear at brake of day.
By Evelyn Creon 

Daddy's little Pearl

Ever since she was a little girl, Her daddy take her on his knee. He would call her his little Pearl; Sweep her up in his arms with spree. 
Her head when she was only ten,  Was full of crazy dreams. She told them to her daddy, now and again,  About what she wanted to be, in extremes. 
Growing fast she turned sixteen. Her daddy gave her a ring with a promise.  The gift made her feel serene And she began to take more advice. 
Daddy began to see she was no longer a little girl. Growing up way to fast  She became a mural  On the wall from the past. 
The years passed by all to fast For her daddy and mama. It wasn't long till she'd be at full mast; Sailing seas in a world of drama.
When she was eighteen, she meet a boy And brought him home to meet her parents.  Not very long after they had met,  He inquired for their consent.
Her smile flooded through all the house.  Her ring sparked day and night.  She'd soon have a wonderful spouse, Who would keep loving her all the way.